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Bridging Divides: Envisioning Faith-Driven Peace in Gaza and Beyond

March 12, 2024 Tim Barton, David Barton & Rick Green
The WallBuilders Show
Bridging Divides: Envisioning Faith-Driven Peace in Gaza and Beyond
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Could the key to peace in Gaza come from an unexpected source? Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Feldstein presents a stirring assertion that Jesus is essential for harmony in the conflict-ridden region. Join us, as we unpack this radical idea. With a backdrop of deep Judaic convictions, Rabbi Feldstein's perspective challenges the status quo and ignites a conversation on the potential for Judeo-Christian values to pave the way to peace. We don't just talk the talk; we also highlight the actionable steps that individuals can take, such as engaging with our WallBuilders programs designed to empower pastors, teachers, and students alike. And stay tuned, as we have the pleasure of welcoming Rabbi Feldstein to share his eye-opening insights with us directly.

Imagine an army, not of soldiers, but of Christians, committed to reconstructing Gaza. This episode paints a vision of a future where love triumphs over hate, and where hospitals, schools, and neighborhoods could serve as the building blocks for a society rooted in compassion. The conversation delves into the potential for such a transformative project to succeed, discussing the necessity of eliminating terror tunnels and ensuring the integrity of the operations. By advocating for a heart-based solution over political maneuvers, we explore the possibility of fostering peace with Israel through a culture grounded in theological love and Judeo-Christian principles.

The episode weaves through the threads of American history and Christianity, examining their impact on international relations. We also draw parallels with Japan's post-WWII resurrection, emphasizing the role of values over mere presence.

Our new literary offering, "The American Story: Building the Republic," sets the stage for reflection on the first seven U.S. presidents under the Constitution and their influence on our nation's fabric.  Join us today. This is an episode you won't want to miss!

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