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Easter and a Resurgence of Conservative Values on Good News Friday

March 29, 2024 Tim Barton, David Barton & Rick Green
The WallBuilders Show
Easter and a Resurgence of Conservative Values on Good News Friday
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Discover what happens at the crossroads of faith and secular culture on today's episode, where we engage in a vibrant discussion about the values that will define America's future. With Easter just around the corner, we contemplate the deep impact of this sacred season, celebrating the decision of many businesses to honor the day by shutting their doors. But our conversation doesn't stop there; we seize the moment to discuss the vital role Christians play in shaping public discourse, reinforcing the need for active participation and not just passive observance.

Victory has a name in the pro-life movement, and it's gaining ground across the political landscape, even in some surprising places.  It's becoming evident that being Pro-life doesn't hurt one's campaign, as more and more people begin to understand the value of life.

Can bipartisan support really change the tide in our nation's capital? We shine a light on the unexpected moves by several elected officials whose commitment to bipartisan judicial nominees could signal a new era of cooperation. 

We also take the time to wade into the waters of personal freedoms with a critical look at Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s concerns over Central Bank Digital Currencies, contemplating the implications of his potential run for the presidency on a Libertarian ticket.

You'll hear the story of a woman who's fitness membership was revoked for voicing her concern over a man in the woman's locker room. And how Planet Fitness is receiving backlash for taking away her membership.

The episode wraps up with a practical guide for cultivating 'Biblical Citizenship in Modern America,' courtesy of the Patriot Academy. We equip you with the resources needed to make a real difference in your community, all through the transformative power of Biblical principles. Join us for a thought-provoking journey through these pressing issues facing our society and discover how you can be a part of the change.

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