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Igniting the Flame of Biblical Citizenship Wk 8: Empowering Local Leadership, part 4

March 01, 2024 Tim Barton, David Barton & Rick Green
The WallBuilders Show
Igniting the Flame of Biblical Citizenship Wk 8: Empowering Local Leadership, part 4
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Embark on a transformative journey as we uncover the power of Biblical citizenship and its profound influence in modern America. I promise you'll gain a deeper understanding of the impact that faith and knowledge of the Constitution can have on our local communities. We invite you to listen to inspiring tales of ordinary individuals, emboldened by the teachings from our free course at, who have stepped forward to claim roles in governance, showcasing the might of faith-based community involvement. Whether it's school boards or city councils, this episode equips you with the courage and tools to make a difference where it truly begins—at home.

Strap in for a dose of reality as we share personal experiences and the essential ingredients for a successful run for public office. Authenticity, unwavering principles, and a sturdy support system are the cornerstones of any political endeavor, and we shed light on the resources available to reinforce your campaign. We draw parallels with David's triumph over Goliath to embolden those of you in challenging political landscapes like California, reminding listeners that with faith and resolve, giants do fall.

We close with a heartfelt discussion on duty, sacrifice, and the legacy of freedom we're all responsible for preserving. Reflecting on the perseverance of figures like John Quincy Adams, this episode is a clarion call to engage in politics with a vision for the future. It's not just about the immediate impact but setting the stage for generations to come. As we advocate for becoming Constitution coaches and sharing the vital lessons of Constitution Alive, we strive to reignite the embers of our founding values and principles, leading a charge towards lasting change in our communities and nation.

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